On the Razor’s Edge (JUMEX, 2020)

18 Aug., 20 - 30 Sep., 21

Museo Jumex, CDMX.

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“The Museo Jumex plaza shows the work Breve historia del tiempo [A Short History of Time] by the artist Gonzalo Lebrija. This monumental public sculpture aims to defy gravity and perpetuate the feeling of the suspension of time. The artist created this work from an action he documented in photography, in which he threw an American car from the 1970s into a lake. Entitled Entre la vida y la muerte [Between Life and Death], the action was filmed with a high-speed movie camera in order to print the frame where the car brushes the surface of the water before crashing.”

This installation is part of the exhibition Colección Jumex: On the Razor’s Edge


image: Gonzalo Lebrija, Breve historia del tiempo, 2020. Photo: Fernando Marroquín T.