Residual Historical Haunting (Johannes Vogt, 2016)

07 sep., 16 - 09 oct., 16

Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York

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The exhibition presents a constellation of works by eight artists and revolves around the notion of cultural ghosts: that which survives beyond any mere existence returns through a phantasmic and fantastic revenant temporal scheme, whether through the memory of art or the art of memory, stage the phantoms of history in a performative projection of the trace of historicity.

The works in the exhibition contain recognizable forces that have been unconsciously absorbed through cultural consumption, and are inherent to how we read and see the world. The objects and spirits planted among our territories serve as archaeological ruins that guide our readings of the past. Their materiality exposes us both to those histories forgotten and those remembered.

Con Keren Benbenisty, Sari Carel, TR Ericsson, Jorge de la Garza, Dana Levy, Matthew Schreiber y Melanie Smith.
Curaduría por Roxana Fabius y Humberto Moro.